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Jack Funk is a musical family of monkeys that hoot, stomp and clap, seeking to decipher the modern world in phrases that translate fluidly for clean and dirty ears.

By intercepting spontaneous transmissions from an operative known only as Jack Funk, these monkeys descramble messages of freedom and transcendence through music.

Photo of Jack Funk performing at The 8x10 in October 2022.


Jack Funk is a band with dedication for original songcrafting, high energy performance, and rocking improvisation. Each member has more than a decade of experience performing live music in MD, DC, VA, NY, PA, and WV. As they tour the eastern states, their performances adapt for each new venue to create a shared connection with the people there. Whether headlining or opening for a larger act, they pour themselves into the music every time, and have a lot of fun doing it, to excite any crowd.

Nick Ring – Vox, Guitar
Ryan Buell – Guitar, Vox
Jason Altomare – Bass
Justin Ehrlich – Drums

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